Bizden Haberler

The Divine Aegean…

A heaven waits in the most hidden corner of the Aegean, bordering the mythic ancient home of Midas.

A small, charming fishing village that faithfully safeguards Aegean culture, the Adabükü surrounds a bay that holds the calmest waters of the Aegean Sea, and welcomes all those who long to spend their lives tranquilly enjoying the pristine blue sea.

The olive trees that lining the road to Bodrum will guide you here. Adabükü offers a variety of unique local dishes, access to the breathtaking Güllük Bay, andthe delightful fish and shrimp from the Bogazici village, with its extraordinary atmosphere and inhabits who will greet you warmly. Two hours away from Adabükü, Ephesus and The Church of the Virgin Mary, symbolically open the gates to heaven.

Are you ready to enjoy the exceptional experience of Adabükü at the Seba Solemar Adabükü?